The global pandemic exposed the flaws in our current highly concentrated, inequitable, industrial food system. At this moment, we stand at the crossroads with two starkly different, and fundamentally incompatible, visions for the future of food. One leads us to resilience, regeneration, and justice for communities, biodiversity, and our climate. The other entrenches current health, social and economic inequities, and worsens our climate and biodiversity crises. The emerging technologies that are touted as ‘solutions’ to food crises are not, and will not offer the pathways that we need.


We’re talking to Friends of the Earth International about why, about the impacts of new technologies such as gene editing and digital agriculture on food sovereignty, why that’s a concern for us building connected and solidarity-based food systems, and outlining a better vision for the future of agriculture.


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Published On: 6 April, 2021Categories: Solidarity Economy