Solidarity Sessions are back in 2021, starting on Wednesday 3 February, as we continue to explore how growers and eaters can build solidarity within and beyond the food sovereignty movement, to transform our food systems from the ground up. 

We’re excited to start this years’ sessions with Indigenous thinker, author, and academic Tyson Yunkaporta, to talk about the need for Indigenous thinking in our food systems and working in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. Register below, catch up on last year’s sessions, and stay tuned for more sessions coming soon!

Register: Solidarity Session #11 with Tyson Yunkaporta – What does Indigenous thinking mean for agriculture?

AFSA’s online solidarity sessions began in 2020 – as people throughout Australia realized the fragility of their food systems, and sought alternatives, these sessions were about showing the examples of existing solutions to our food system crises, and how to build and participate in them. 

From community-suppported agriculture to co-operatives and other solidarity models, we explored how people are already enacting systems committed to community, to localized economies and mutual benefit, to sufficiency and abundance for everyone.  

The 2021 Solidarity Sessions will highlight further ideas, tools, and models for dismantling the extractive and destructive systems that created the crises of 2020, and building the transformations we need to create something better. We’ll continue to share practical examples from local food systems, as well as highlighting lessons and opportunities for solidarity-building in other areas that are critical to a fair food system, including Indigenous struggles, workers’ rights, environmental protection, and international food sovereignty and peasant movements.   

Watch the 2020 Solidarity Sessions

Published On: 26 January, 2021Categories: Indigenous, News, Solidarity Economy