The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is taking its annual Food Sovereignty Convergence to New South Wales in 2023, on 21-23 October at SAGE (Brinja-Yuin Country, Moruya NSW).

Convergence is a space where Australia’s food sovereignty movement comes together in-person to debate, collaborate, share and strategise ways to advance food sovereignty in Australia, as well as set a supportive foundation for local movement building. From farmers to First Nations people, food rights activists to chefs, from researchers to community organisers: we encourage everyone working on food sovereignty and food system change to join us to help shape the agenda for the coming year!

This year’s Convergence is particularly special, as we kick off with the launch of AFSA’s next book, Eating Democracy: The True Cost of the Food We Eat, hosted by Costa Georgiadis. From now until 19 September, we’re raising funds to help us publish the book and put on a spectacular launch event to galvanise a movement of eaters embracing food sovereignty in different ways.

Food sovereignty asserts the right of peoples to nourishing and culturally appropriate food produced and distributed in ecologically sound and ethical ways, and their right to collectively determine their own food and agriculture systems. In the style of an un-conference, we aim to make Convergence an open and democratic space to discuss pathways to achieve food sovereignty for all.

Saturday 21 October: Eating Democracy Book Launch

  • Location: SAGE (Brinja-Yuin Country, Moruya NSW)
  • Time: 4.00-9.00pm

Ticket costs:

  • AFSA members and non-members: $60.00
  • First Peoples: FREE

Catering: Tickets include 1 x drink and pizzas provided by SAGE.

Join us on Saturday afternoon and evening as we launch AFSA’s next book, Eating Democracy: The True Cost of the Food We Eat, which will be hosted by Costa Georgiadis. During the launch event, you’ll be among the first to grab a copy of the book which features the inspiring stories of eleven eaters across Australia from all walks of life, who are doing things differently!

Shaped by recent crises such as bushfires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic, Eating Democracy shines a light on the fragility of the global food system, while offering a beacon of hope through creativity and resourcefulness shared by our eaters.

Don’t forget! You can help us publish the book by contributing to the Eating Democracy crowdfunding campaign before 19 September.

Sunday 22 October: Convergence Un-conference (Day One)

  • Location: SAGE (Brinja-Yuin Country, Moruya NSW)
  • Time: 9:00am-5:30pm

Ticket costs:

  • AFSA members and non-members: $60.00
  • First Peoples: FREE

Catering: Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided by SAGE and is included in the ticket price. Tea and coffee will also be provided.

Sunday’s Convergence will open with lightning talk sessions that will spotlight the diversity of people and experiences that make up our food and farming systems, including First Peoples, women, youth, and LGBTQIA+ people. Convergence will continue with un-conference sessions and break-out discussions on the key current issues for the food sovereignty movement (as determined by attendees), our roles in shaping the future, and actions for the year ahead.

AFSA will also share an update on the Peoples’ Food Plan draft, and hear your thoughts on how we can shape a Peoples’ Food Plan by the people, for the people on a local and national scale.

Sunday 22 October: Potluck Dinner

Ticket costs:

  • All attendees: FREE (attendees asked to provide contributions to potluck dinner)

Join us on Sunday evening for a welcome potluck dinner, kindly hosted by Borrowed Ground Growers, to unwind and catch up with old friends and new after a lively day of un-conference discussions! We’re asking attendees to bring along contributions for a communal meal to be shared among the group as we kick back by the fire and reflect on day one.

We ask that where possible, attendees bring their own cups, crockery, cutlery and camping chair to the potluck dinner.

Monday 23 October: Convergence Un-conference wrap-up & AFSA AGM (Day Two)

  • Location: SAGE (Brinja-Yuin Country, Moruya NSW)
  • Time: 9:00am-2:00pm

Ticket costs:

  • AFSA members and non-members: $40.00
  • First Nations: FREE

Catering: Morning tea and lunch will be provided by SAGE, which includes coffee and tea.

Convergence concludes on Monday with wrap-up un-conference discussions that help set AFSA’s mandate for the year ahead, followed by AFSA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

We invite all AFSA members to stay for the AGM, where they can raise, discuss, and vote on key issues for action and governance decisions for the coming year. During this time, we’ll also be launching a number of exciting developments delivered by AFSA’s National Committee over the past year, including:

  • Updated Peoples’ Food Plan draft
  • AFSA Legal Guide
  • Eating Democracy
  • State Liaisons program

The Food Sovereignty Convergence is central to determining the work that AFSA does to advance food sovereignty and address the important issues in our food system. For that reason, we encourage everyone’s input on identifying the key issues for the food sovereignty agenda, and for discussion at Convergence. We look forward to seeing many voices join this year’s conversations on food sovereignty and hope to have your voice be one of them!

Ahead of Convergence, we encourage you to join the FSC Facebook Group to add to the pre-event discussions about what issues and topics you would like included at Convergence.


SAGE will provide catering for the Eating Democracy book launch, Day One and Day Two of Convergence. Please take note of what meals are included in ticket prices above.

For those attending the Sunday night potluck dinner, we ask that you bring along a contribution for a shared meal with other guests.

If you’re attending Convergence and have any special dietary requirements, please email Jess ( so that we can inform SAGE ahead of time.

We also ask that where possible, attendees bring their own cups, mugs and cutlery to save on waste and wash up!

Camping and accommodation

There are a number of options for attendees to camp or stay in Moruya for Convergence:

If you have any difficulty securing accommodation to attend Convergence, please email us (

Travelling to and from Convergence

As many of AFSA’s members will be travelling interstate for this year’s Convergence, we can help organise ridesharing and accommodation options to help people get to and from Moruya NSW. If you’re looking for a rideshare or accommodation to get to and from Convergence, or if you’re someone who is able to offer ridesharing or accommodation to other attendees, please fill out this form.

Alternatively, AFSA’s General Coordinator, Jess Power, can help with any travel or accommodation queries (

Support AFSA’s Food Sovereignty Convergence and Pay the Rent

Ticket prices for the Food Sovereignty Convergence are kept as low as possible to enable as many people as possible to participate in the discussion.

If you have capacity to contribute to Convergence with a donation in addition to your ticket price, this will help to cover the full costs of the event, and support AFSA’s work advocating for food sovereignty in Australia. Your support is greatly appreciated, and enables Convergence to be an inclusive and democratic space for the food sovereignty movement in Australia.

In addition to supporting AFSA’s work, we have also included an option to Pay the Rent to local First Peoples on Brinja-Yuin Country. This is an optional contribution for attendees wishing to offer a gesture of reparation and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

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