Join us for this two-part Solidarity Session on protecting agricultural land for the purpose of agroecological food production. 

In AFSA’s updated Peoples’ Food Plan, we delve deep into the issue of protecting agricultural land as a means to ensure agroecological food production remains a priority in rural areas.

Loss of agricultural land through changes in zoning, inappropriate development and resource extraction, carbon and biodiversity ‘farming’ and renewable energy production that take land out of production, as well as loss of soil and water through damaging practices, export, and waste, will have permanent and irreversible negative impacts on the ability of Australia to produce and supply food to its citizens now and in the future. And with approximately 17.3 million people living in our eight capital cities, the issue of food production and protection of agricultural land adjacent to these areas has never been more important.

Join us for a Solidarity Session on AFSA’s role in protecting agricultural land, as we explore:

  • The pressures of protecting agricultural land with a growing population 
  • Agricultural and residential zones in planning schemes
  • Inappropriate development 
  • The impacts of climate change on Australia’s capacity to grow food on arable land

This session will form the first of a two-part series on land in Australia, leading into a second session next month on establishing an agrarian trust in Australia. 

Following a brief introduction, we will open up the floor to hear from First Peoples, agroecology-oriented farmers, food producers and communities who are keen to protect agricultural land across the country. 

Event details:

  • Date: Wednesday 3 July 
  • Time: 6.30-7.30pm (AEST)
  • Location: Online (Zoom)
  • Cost: Free 

As always, this session is open to anyone and everyone interested in food sovereignty and agroecology. However, First Peoples, small-scale farmers and food producers who face ongoing challenges under state and local government planning schemes may be most interested in attending. 

For anyone interested in this event, please share this invitation widely with your networks. 

If you have any questions about this Solidarity Session please email us (