A panel of food systems advocates, including Costa Georgiadis (Gardening Australia), Tim McCartney (Barengi Gadjin Land Council), Charlie Arnott (Regenerative Journey podcast), Vivien Yii (Right to Food Coalition), and Tammi Jonas (AFSA) with Alexx Stuart (LowTox Life) discuss what the UNFSS might mean for First Peoples, small-scale farmers, the food insecure and city folk, and how we can all prevent ongoing corporate capture of our food systems.

Watch the Session – it’s one of the best! 

The UN Food Systems Summit is a sham.

Breaking with the long history of multilateralism, the UNFSS has taken a multistakeholder approach, giving Big Food and Big Pharma equal footing with democratic states. The likes of the Gates Foundation are controlling narratives around the ‘solutions’ under the guise of the UN, without transparency and accountability. The Food System Dialogues have not focused on the causes or responses to COVID-19 – leaving the additional 100 million people who are now hungry behind.

The Australian Counter-Mobilisation was held to build solidarity across the spectrum of food systems advocates and supporters, and to raise awareness of the corporate capture of food and agriculture systems governance through the UNFSS and beyond.

We anticipate that the Australian Government will likely launch a process to develop a National Food Plan in the wake of the UNFSS.

Our capacity to influence it to be more akin to a Peoples’ Food Plan will be greatly enhanced if aligned organisations across Australia are well informed and strengthen alliances in preparation. 

Read more about the issues at: https://afsa.org.au/blog/2021/09/09/s…