We have some exciting news: AFSA is putting together a second book! Following the stories of growers we shared in Farming Democracy, this time we want to profile the eaters – providing snapshots from the diversity that exists across Australia.

We are on the lookout for people to share their stories of how and why they eat in food sovereign ways. We want to include people from all walks of life and from all over Australia: young and old, small and big households, from Indigenous and migrant backgrounds, budgets big and small, all different religions, all different cultures, all growing and sourcing and eating and sharing food in ethically and ecologically sound ways.

Have you made a big change in the way you eat, towards more locally-sourced, seasonal food?

Are you gardening/foraging/preserving/shopping at farmer’s markets and cooking amazing food for your friends and family?

Are you finding ways to grow/source/eat nourishing and ecologically-sound on a tight budget or in a place where options are limited?

Or does this sound like someone you know? We’d love to hear from you and see a wide range of stories that share the diversity of how people put food sovereignty into practice in their food.

If you think you have what we are after, please write to us at:  and tell us the info below – you don’t need to tell us your whole story now, just a snapshot by answering the questions below. We’ll then reach out to interested people to discuss whether you’d like to contribute to the book and what that might look like.

Come be part of telling the world the story of how we do food sovereignty in Australia, and get in touch!

Household: How many people do you live with, and your life stages (kids, studying, working, retired)

Location: Where do you live? We’re looking to include people from urban, regional, rural and remote areas

Budget: What’s your weekly food budget?

Cultural background: Please describe your cultural background that influences your relationship to food (which may include your religious background)

Food habits: Do you grow any of your own food? Where do you shop? Which local farmers do you support, how?

We can’t wait to hear your stories!

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