The People’s Food Plan movement has sprouted and now we need you to help grow it all over the nation.
Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

We Need Your Help!

Dear friends,600 Australians around the country took part in 40 People’s Food Plan forums from September to November this year. And so the journey of the People’s Food Plan has begun. It’s an exciting journey of transformation, of coming together, with a shared vision and goal. As Costa Giorgiadis says in his foreword:Now is the time to repurpose and refocus as a community. Now is the time to build an economy where growth is valued in annual soil depth and fertility that in turn promotes a health industry, not based on sickness but on living food. Let’s cover the fences and boundaries of a divided world with edible vines and plants that produce new visions and innovations worthy of the potential we have around us. Creativity to drive a world fueled on regenerative and renewable sources requires new industries, new thinking and less baggage from a world paradigm whose time is passed.This is a very powerful story, one that can change – is changing – lives and communities. We’re asking now for you to help us take it to the next level. We want the whole country to hear about this, the great work we’re all doing. Will you help us take that next step? Please give what you can, and share this message with your friends and networks.How much are we seeking to raise? $15,000

What the money will be used for? To build a publicity fund (videos, media and outreach work); and to engage a capable and motivated fundraiser so we can secure the resources to make the People’s Food Plan truly massive in 2013 and beyond.

Together, the future is in our hands and hearts.

With warm wishes for a safe and peaceful festive season for you and your family

The AFSA Management Committee

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Published On: 18 December, 2012Categories: Peoples' Food Plan