Last Wednesday night, we held an online Solidarity Session inviting farmers and eaters to tell us what they’d like to include in the revised Peoples’ Food Plan.

The original Peoples’ Food Plan was initially developed in response to the Government’s National Food Plan in 2012-2013. While much of the Plan is still relevant today, we believe it must be updated to reflect new knowledge and changes to our food systems. The revised Peoples’ Food Plan is designed to inform government at all levels to address real, systemic change. The recommendations in the Plan aim to be practical, realistic and specific to our audience. There is much work that individuals and communities are already doing on the ground to support food sovereignty, but progress is often hampered by government legislation, inaction, neglect and lack of knowledge. This is where the Peoples’ Food Plan comes to the fore.

Prior to launching the draft Peoples’ Food Plan at this year’s Convergence on 17-18 October, we’ve published a survey to help form a collective vision towards food sovereignty for all, through socially-just and ecologically sound food and agricultural systems.

This survey is open to First Peoples, farmers/growers and eaters (that’s everyone!), to tell us what should be included in this vision. We welcome individual, group and community submissions and encourage you to have Talking Tucker or Kitchen Table conversations with a group of people and complete this feedback as a group. For more information on how to host a Kitchen Table conversation, here’s a helpful guide and took kit.

Before filling out the survey as an individual, organisation, community or social group, we highly recommend that you read this supporting document, which provides more detail about the 7 pillars of food sovereignty, key themes from previous AFSA submissions to government, and example recommendations.

Finally, the Peoples’ Food Plan Survey will be open until Friday 15 July, so please ensure you set aside time to complete it by then, or email us if you need longer. Some of the questions in this survey might require some deep thinking about food system transformations and the changes we need to make to get there, so allow yourself up to 1 hour to read the supporting document and answer the full list of questions, noting that most are optional. If you need to come back to the survey at a later time, a draft version should be auto-saved in Google. Once you’ve submitted the form, you will also be able to go back and made edits if you wish.

If you have any questions or feedback about the survey, send us an email. Otherwise, we look forward to reading your responses and shaping the vision for your Peoples’ Food Plan!

Take the Peoples’ Food Plan survey here.