Public discussion forums for the People’s Food Plan are now underway in many locations around the country. We also encourage anyone concerned about the future of food and agriculture in this country to contribute, by hosting your own PFP kitchen table or other event. Learn how to host your own event here.

We have produced a resources kit to support you doing this. We don’t want this to be a lot of extra work; rather, it should be an opportunity for you to sit down  with friends and colleagues – perhaps over a meal or a glass of wine – and share your concerns about our current food system, you priorities for change, and your ideas about what a transformed food system might look like. It’s also an opportunity to contribute your own personal stories about what’s happening with food on the ground in your community.

How, when and where you do this is entirely up to you. All we’d ask is that you use the reporting templates provided to send us back your feedback from the event, to the nearest member of our National Steering Team.

Click here to view the People’s Food Plan resources kit.




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