Urban Agriculture

45 people showed up in rainy Brisbane on Tuesday 5th February, 2013 for an urban agriculture discussion. Many new faces, many old and lots of energy all round. People reflected on the existing urban ag successes and small groups committed to a few actions to continue to build the face of urban ag in Brisbane. These actions include:

  • organise a permablitz at someone’s house and invite Costa;
  • letter to Lord Mayor asking to reinstate the community gardens officer;
  • research landshare to see how we can popularise it in our areas
  • share news with non-urban ag networks (ie colleagues)

Everyone wanted to good vibes to keep rolling so a second urban agriculture meet n’ greet is taking place:

Sunday March 3, 1 – 4pm at TBA (inner city venue). Check Facebook to find out what it’ll be about and for the latest details,

Food Justice

Whilst the local food movement gathers apace across the country, we’re stopping to pause and reflect on who are the haves and have nots. Next Tuesday, February 12, 2013, people will come together to discuss:

  • how to make fresh, local food affordable and accessible for everyone
  • how to ensure inclusive and diverse participation in urban agriculture, community food systems etc

Whether this is a totally new idea, or something you’ve been waiting to talk about for ages, come and chat about food justice. We’ll talk about how to encourage a food justice agenda in SEQ with the establishment of a People’s Food Plan working group.

As always, the details are on Facebook, hope to see you there!

For folks not in Brisbane / SEQ, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance wants to make these conversations and these groups national. Over time, our goals is that there will be networks in each place, of groups and peeps working on the issues most important to you. At this stage, to get these conversations happening straightaway, we think it can be done virtually, connecting interested people and groups from all over the country.

Via www.anitamathias.com

Planter box in Todmorden, England: via www.anitamathias.com



Published On: 7 February, 2013Categories: Peoples' Food Plan