22 October 2010

The new Federal Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, has replied to the letter the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (ADFA) sent to his predecessor, Tony Burke, prior to the August federal election.

Joe Ludwig Response to AFSA 22 Oct 2010

A summary

In his letter to the AFSA, the Minister undertakes to consult widely in the formation of a national food plan, ‘particularly from stakeholders with a strong interest in the central issues’.

It is a small but significant step that the Federal Government has recognised the legitimacy of normally-excluded voices in the formation of a national food policy for this country.

It is also a small but significant step towards the recognition of the legitimacy of the principles of Food Sovereignty in national political and policy thinking. The work ahead of us is now to ensure that these principles are not only recognised in national policy, but that they are implemented.