Story by Michael Croft, March 2014

The FFFU is a farmer only group that will be self-determining, but with the values and principles of food sovereignty as foundational material.  It involves farmers speaking about and for farmers.   As a farmer I can say that this is not a task we have undertaken lightly and has been well over a year in the making.

The articulation of what a fair food family farmer means in the Australian context is taking place as I write.  Definitions and descriptors of fair food, family farmer, and even united are being discussed by farmers.  Farmers are also articulating the need for such unity and, in an export focused Australia, the need for a voice to articulate the concerns of those farmers who supply the domestic market and are forced to compete with cheap and often inferior imports.

Another significant issue the FFFU will be heavily involved in is the development of Family Farm Standards to redress the unbalanced (unhinged) playing field that favours the ‘get big or get out’ mind set.  Suffice to say that the FFFU will add strength of purpose to AFSA, and this is a welcome development.  If you are or you know a farmer, please get involved and spread the word.

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Free-range rare breed pig farmer Tammi Jonas of Jonai Farms, Eganstown, Victoria, explains why the time has come for Fair Food Farmers United.
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