Call for submissions

Call for submissions

The Food Standards Authority, FSANZ, is calling for submissions on a review of the regulations relating to the sale of raw milk products.

Submissions close on 10 January 2014.

Michelle Dyer and Jonathan Cooper from   Harvest Feast explain the background:

“Thanks for posting. This came out of FSANZ’s original proposal P1022, which effectively led the Chief Scientist to declare that raw milk is too unsafe. Reps on that proposal’s SDC were largely from big dairy industry (vested interest) who also submitted that the risks of raw milk are too great for what big industry considers is a safe quality product. There were 75 submissions, most by industry & also from WA, SA, Qld & NSW regulatory authorities in favour of banning raw milk. There was only one consumer rep (from the CWA, bless them) on that SDC. It’s time we used our networks (so thank you for posting!) to ensure wider awareness of the opportunity to comment & have input into the shape of our food systems. Rather than continue with the anti-food sovereignty path of large industry & regulatory authorities reducing food rights via large supply-chain processes which not only ignore/exclude small producers, but actually hurt them as well (either intentionally or not).

What is a submission? It can just be an email stating your view, that’s perfectly acceptable. So if you don’t have time to go through the online submission process, have a read of what’s proposed, then email your comments to, with heading “Submission Proposal P1022″. Simple. Have your say!!”

raw milk

Here are some questions/issues that you may wish to think about/include when putting together a submission (with thanks to Alanna Linn):
– Do you drink raw milk/eat raw milk cheese? or do you want to be able to buy raw milk?
– Why do you do, or want to do, this?
– How do you decide if it is safe to consume?
– Do you think the same requirements and rules should apply to all types of producers, or should they be different for farms of different sizes, methods etc?
– Are the health and safety risks the same for all types are producers?For producers:

– If you are a producer, how onerous are the proposed rules?
– Will they be able to be easily applied, or will they cost too much?
– How compatible are they with your production approach?
– If you are a producer, how do you think health and safety could be best ensured?
– Should it be the same rules for all producers or do different production methods/farm sizes etc need different forms of regulation?
Bearing in mind that the community had very little say the last time there was a consultation on this issue, it’s very important that as many voices are heard now as possible. Please take a few minutes to put together a submission, even if it’s only brief.
Please go to the following link for the details about the consultation and how to make a submission online:
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