Michael Plane & Joyce Wilkie

Michael Plane & Joyce Wilkie

Mike and I have been living and working on Allsun Farm for over 30 years and have added pigs recently.

We have successfully direct marketed vegetables, eggs and fruit to the folks in our village of Gundaroo and to the wider Canberra community. These days we sell direct to a s single restaurant who respects both us as farmers and our produce. We have achieved an amazing fair food relationship.

As we get older we realise that we need to help younger farmers get started and we want to spend the remainder of our lives skilling up as many people as we can as well as helping them find land to farm.

A resilient food future will need plenty of small scale intensive growers.

The local small farm sector in Australia has, until very recently been largely ignored and has had no voice

A well researched article by Nick Rose in ‘The Conversation’ deals with how increasingly important this small farm local sector has become in North America and will soon become here

We saw the resurgence in small scale regenerative agriculture on a visit to the USA in 2010.

We filmed extensively and when we returned to Australia we started putting together a website to connect experienced farmers with young people eager to learn and find farming opportunities.

Four years ago this was a tiny unheard voice but things are changing here, Australians are starting to get on board with this exciting agrarian revolution.

Fair Food Farmers United now provides a mechanisim for bringing together all the far flung Australian contrary farmers and we plan to be involved because it strengthens our voice and will enable us to be much more effective in helping change the nature of agriculture in this country.

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