Join Seed Freedom Fortnight — 2-16 October 2013

Earlier this year the World Food Prize, heavily sponsored by the biotechnology industry, was awarded to two ag biotech scientists.

Dr Vandana Shiva, an articulate and outspoken critic of the corporate-controlled food system, is calling a day of civil disobedience on 2 October to honor Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, at the start of the 2nd Global Seed Freedom Fortnight.

View the video above to hear Dr Shiva explain what this fortnight means and why it is so important:

Let us celebrate our Seed and Food Freedom. And commit ourselves to defend it. No matter how much the corporations would like to take over our seed and food, we will not allow them. And when we stand together, as one humanity, each of us in our little place, but one in our consciousness, one in our solidarity, one in our common commitment to Seed Freedom, and Food Freedom, we are a bigger power than the most brutal corporations, and their dictatorships.


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Seed Savers WA are organising a range of activities to celebrate Seed Freedom Fortnight, including of course the second global March against Monsanto


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