sunbury-prog-dinnerThere are rumblings across the country. Murmurings and whisperings of plans afoot as preparations for Fair Food Week gather pace. Buoyed by the success of last year, organisers are putting together fun and innovative events that capture the themes of the week.

One interesting collaboration is being planned in Victoria. The Sunbury Community Health Centre, as part of the Healthy Together Hume program, is arranging a whole week of events culminating in a progressive dinner on the final Saturday night.

“We’re planning a dinner across three restaurants in O’Shaunessy Street, which has become a little dining strip in Sunbury. An entree at one, a main at another and culminating in desert at Just Planet,” says Bernadette Hetherington of Sunbury Community Health. “The progressive dinner is really about the discussion along the way. We hope people come ready to talk about the food system around them.”

It’s part of a program of events that aim to raise awareness of the local food system and support community members to take an active approach it. They will also host a produce swap, a raw cooking class and a film night to engage the community with the Fair Food Week theme ‘Supporting Local Food Projects’.

“For us Fair Food Week is about Showcasing what Sunbury is doing to promote a healthy food system,” says Hetherington.

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