Watch the Solidarity Sessions



Replacing Growth with Belonging Economies

with Artist as Family

We sit down with Meg Ulman and Patrick Jones of Artist as Family to talk about radically regenerative living, antidotes to cultures of disposability, and how belonging economies can help grow better relationships with country and the communities of the living.


30 Years of Co-operatives

Friends of the Earth & Earthworker Cooperative

This session we’ll be discussing all things co-operative with Beth Cameron of Friends of the Earth, talking about 35 years of the FoE food co-op in Melbourne, as well as talking to Katherine Cunningham and Ellie Coffey of Earthworker Cooperative, which works to establish a network of worker-owned cooperatives committed to sustainable enterprise — including Australia’s first worker-owned factory.


Collaborative Economies

with the Open Food Network

Jen Sheridan of OFN Australia and Lynne Davis of OFN UK chat to Nick about OFN’s work in building and growing collaborative economies — connecting growers with each other and their eaters, harnessing logistics, and how the network provided critical infrastructure for farmers and eaters during the current crisis.

This discussion provides excellent insight on how OFN’s focus on transparency, solidarity, and collaboration created common-good tech infrastructure to address the problems in traditional supply chains, and how that approach can be applied in practice across organisations and projects to build systems that foster trust and connections throughout the supply chain.


Building a CSA

with AFSA

Join AFSA Farmers Tammi Jonas of Jonai Farm, Ant Wilson of Tellurian Fruit Gardens, and Dan Cordner of Bellasato Farm to talk about the highs, lows, and hows of setting up a CSA, and why CSAs — as solidarity economies — are critical for building democratic and resilient food systems.

We had a stellar group join us for this session with plenty of questions and an amazing energy for building economies where growers and eaters support each other to grow a good food system. Thanks to everyone who joined us – we’re looking forward to seeing you again at our next session!

Open Food Network

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