Watch the Solidarity Sessions



Victory Gardens

with Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community create spaces that provide opportunities for communities to access healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food, while connecting with each other, learning skills, and sharing cultures. We talk to Rob Rees about why they work to foster and empower communities through food, and what it means for food security and resilient food systems.


Growing More Solidarity Farmers

with Farmer Incubator

Farmer Incubator’s mission is to grow new farmers through a collaborative model that reduces risks and costs for young farmers, while supporting them into farming models that nurture food sovereignty and security.

We’ll be talking to FI about how they provide opportunities for new farmers to start small and work cooperatively, how a collaborative models helps new farmers gain the knowledge, confidence and resources, and why mentorship and empowerment of young farmers is key to a strong food system.


Resilience in Community-Owned Value (Chains)

with the Food Connect

We’re talking to Robert Pekin and Emma-Kate Rose of Food Connect about building community-owned food systems: how producers and eaters together can reclaim ownership of value chains and infrastructure, why community ownership matters and how it strengthens the food system for all of us.

Food Connect have been building their food community for 15 years, and last year crowd-funded the Food Connect Shed – Australia’s first community owned food hub. Join us as we explore how they did it, what it means for their food community, and how we can grow more community-owned food systems.


Permaculture Solidarities

with David Holmgren

Join David Holmgren, co-originator of the permaculture concept and co-creator of Australia’s best-known permaculture demonstration site, Melliodora, to explore how we can build home and community economies based in permacultural ethics as a foundation for a better and more just future.