Ecuador is one of the first countries in the world to explicitly include the right to food sovereignty in its 2008 Constitution, which places the state under obligations to boost domestic agricultural capacity, promote sustainable agriculture, and work towards food self-sufficiency and diminishing dependence on food imports.

This constitutional obligation is now being implemented through the passage of a Framework Law on Food Sovereignty.

Latest bi-annual newsletter—La Semilla, March 2011

One of the leading advocates of food sovereignty in the country is the Federation of Agricultural Centres and Farmer Organisations of Coastal Ecuador. They have just released the first edition of La Semilla, a bi-annual newsletter which will chart food sovereignty developments in Ecuador, including progress made by the newly-formed National Food Sovereignty Board, which is carrying out a review of laws and institutions in the country to determine the extent to which they comply with food sovereignty principles.

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The Federation is keen to learn more about Food Sovereignty-related initiatives in Australia.

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