The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance has issued its submission to the Federal government’s National Food Plan Green Paper.

To download the submission, please use the following link:

AFSA Submission to the National Food Plan Green Paper

Our concluding remarks are reproduced below:

In short, contrary to the Government’s claims, the green paper is a recipe for increasing vulnerability, lack of resilience, and heightened inequality in our food system. A different approach, based on a different set of values and priorities, is required.

In the absence of leadership and vision on these issues from the Government, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is inviting all concerned members of the public to join us in a truly participatory and democratic conversation to develop an authentic and representative food system that is truly fit for the food and nutrition challenges of this century.

We have produced a draft discussion paper of Values, Principles and Best Practices for a People’s Food Plan for Australia (attached as Appendix A), which is currently receiving an enthusiastic reception at public forums and kitchen table talks around the country.

We will be continuing to support this process over the coming months and years, and would urge the Government to take note of the fact that this process, resourced only by the dedicated volunteer labour of dozens of committed supporters around the country, evidences the existence of a growing constituency for a fair, sustainable and resilient food system for Australia.


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