Here’s a different way to think about money — not as a substance for hoarding but an energy for making good things happen. That’s why we have crowdfunding… it’s an investment opportunity for citizens… an investment in our own future.

Now, your modest investment can make Just Food a reality because the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and The Locavore Edition are collaborating to create Australia’s first fair food documentary. It’s to be a feature film highlighting some of Australia’s innovative fair food pioneers, the people creating — through their imagination and hard work — a new food system on this continent.

So join us in this adventure and become one of those people who make good things happen, people who put their dollars, no matter how modest the amount, behind the things they want to make real.

It’s like the polymath, Buckminster Fuller said — to change something you create something compellingly better, just as the people in this film are creating a better farming system for Australia.

The opportunity to do this awaits you on Pozzible… so just click and join us


People making things happen — an auspicious start

In the 24 hours after launching our Just Food crowdfunding offering on 19 August, to coincide with Australia’s first Fair Food Week, more than $6000 had been raised towards a target of $25,000 to cover the production costs of Just Food. That’ an encouraging start and suggests to us that there’s a lot of people out there in our cities and countryside who care enough about our shared food future to offer their dollars to make this documentary video a reality.

Now, you can be part of making history by joining with other people who make things happen: 
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Orange Tree Blues — a taster of Just Food

from .

“Growing healthy orange trees is hard work. Killing them is even harder”.
They’re the words of a farmer contemplating the destruction of his orchard as the economic realities of our globalised food market hit home.

But this is no tale of doom and gloom — it’s a story of redemption… redemption that comes through creative thinking and new opportunities creating direct links between farmers and the people who eat their food.

In this short documentary produced for the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, we sweep aside the bucolic images of the farming life to get to the reality.

Orange Tree Blues is a taster for what Just Food will be like, tales of reality and tales of hope. Introduced by ABC Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis and directed by Simon Cunich, Orange Tree Blues was filmed and edited by Daniel Gwynn. Music by Edwin Montgomery.