Agroecology is a science, a set of practices, a politics and a social movement, working towards the goal of an ecologically-sound, sustainable, and equitable food system. Read more about why agroecology matters as a pathway to food sovereignty here

We were delighted to talk to agroecology scholar and activist Peter Rosset about the need for farmer-led knowledge and the transition to agroecology. Peter is professor of agroecology at the ECOSUR Advanced Studies Institute in Chiapas, Mexico. He has worked with agroecology processes in La Via Campesina for many years, and co-authored “Agroecology: Science and Politics” with Miguel Altieri. His research focuses on scaling up peasant agroecology in grassroots social movements.

We hope you enjoy our chat with Peter about his experiences in fostering the agroecological movement internationally, and how to do it in Australia.

Check it out on the AFSA youtube channel!

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