The People’s Food Plan Working Paper was launched Saturday, 16th February 2013, at Sydney Town hall, immediately prior to the appearance of self-appointed ‘heretic’ US farmer, Joel Salatin.

Launching the second iteration of the Food Plan, family farmer and President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA), Michael Croft, said:

“What we have created is a better food policy proposal.

“This is probably the first crowd-sourced national policy document in Australia. It represents the views of the more than 600 people who participated in the 40 public forums that took place across the country from September to November 2012.

“These people are extremely important to the development of the People’s Food Plan and they are just as vital to the future of Australia’s food system, because they represent producers and eaters. They are people with our food future at heart, and they are the innovators who shape our food future”.

The People’s Food Plan is an initiative of the AFSA, an organisation created to represent the interests of farmers, small- to medium-sized food businesses, food social enterprises, community food systems actors and the eaters of Australia.

“Food sovereignty is the right to choose the type of food you want to eat — produced, processed and distributed by means which you prefer to support”, explained Michael.

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Published On: 17 February, 2013Categories: Media Releases, Peoples' Food Plan, Press