September 2010

The SFFA encourage MP’s to attend…

Dear SFFA colleague

As you may know, the SFFA has been calling for the development of a NSW state food policy, a call that arose from the events of last year under the banner ‘Hungry for Change’ .

During 2009,  over 850 people from many fields including  food producers and distributors, environmental activists, health and human rights workers, academics, food activists, food relief organisations and many others, came together in six regional forums and a Food Summit and resolved to advocate for the development of a state food policy.

A group of Macarthur MPs will be hosting an event for SFFA at NSW Parliament House on Thursday 23 September, 2010 at 11.30am – 12 noon. This will followed by light refreshments. We will have a short time to present an argument to NSW MPs and electoral candidates, on the importance of this issue, and hopefully to fire them up to become actively involved.

How can you help?

We are asking you to help us by contacting your own local State MP and electoral candidates, to encourage them to attend on the day, and to demonstrate how many people are concerned about these issues and calling for action.

To help you we have placed two key documents on the SFFA website – an invitation to the event, and a draft letter for you to use if you wish, inserting the local details as appropriate.

In short, please

  1. download the invitation
  2. download the draft letter and complete as appropriate (with date, name of your local member/candidates for the other main parties/your name and/or organisation)
  3. send letter to your state MP and candidates
  4. follow up with phone call if possible, generally encourage them to attend!
  5. please let us know who you have contacted by calling SFFA on 0410 145 473 or email to
  6. if you have any questions, please contact us as above.

Liz Millen, President
On behalf of Sydney Food Fairness Alliance management committee

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