Fair Food Week logo

Fair Food Week logo

FRESH, good and fair food needs a fresh, new and innovative event to demonstrate its value to all Australians.

That’s why we – the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance – are bringing together communities, social entrepreneurs, creative and passionate individuals, smart food businesses and local governments across Australia to celebrate the work of Australia’s fair food pioneers – the women and men doing the vital work of creating a fairer food system for all of us.

“It’s a new national event, Fair Food Week”, said Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance spokesman, Nick Rose.

[quote author=”Nick Rose” image=”https://afsa.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Nick-Rose_logo.jpg” w=”” h=”” image_align=””]Just as a non–hybrid tomato seed grows into a juicy, tasty and enjoyable vegetable, so too will Fair Food Week grow to become a celebration of all that is good with our food system and a source of examples on how we can remake our old, tired and unfair food system into something fairer… into something better for all Australians.[/quote]

Across the country during Fair Food Week (19-25 August, 2013) there’s a wonderful diversity of events that will attract, inspire and entertain you: food forums, food workshops, food films, farmers’ fairs, food swaps, community garden and farm tours, and more.

[quote author=”Nick Rose” image=”https://afsa.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Nick-Rose_logo.jpg” w=”” h=”” image_align=””]What we call ‘fair food’ is food that is produced in ways that are fair to all and that guarantee economic and nutritional health to everyone in Australia’s food value chain – Australian farmers, Australian food processors, small to medium size food.[/quote]


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